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The high quality standards of Frisokar products are the result of constant investiments in areas such research, technology, innovation and industry automation. FK Group uses top notch materials, global quality exclusive softwares that ensure better performance, precision and standardization of industrial processes.

Innovation and Technology

The Fk Group has over 30 years of experience in the market providing innovative solutions with certified productive process. Such certificate translates, technically, the quality that the Fk Group companies conduct their industrial processes, consolidated by the utter respect of the partners and by the leadership obtained throughout these years.


The biggest corporate seats testing laboratory of Brazil

Labchair, testing laboratory of the FK Group, is the inhouse laboratory with the biggest portfolio for corporate seats testing certified by the Cgcre/Inmetro in its sector. In its scope it covers resistance, durability, stability testing. And also finishing, dimensional and safety evaluations.

Logistics and subsidiaries

We provide efficient logistics, which allows the operational complexity of the factory to the distributor’s flexibility. On a daily basis, the Fk Group truck fleet crosses the roads of Brazil from North to South, carrying it’s products in short time through our 9 distribution centers.


NBR 16031/12.
NBR 15878/11.
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Through its certification system, the FSC® seal recognizes the responsible production of forest products, benefiting people and the environment.

We were the first company to seek the elimination of CFCs in foam production and through participation in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Mission, vision and values